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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Friday 05.11.2001

Day 13

Phone service never came back last night. Wasnít on this morning either.
Igor picked us up at 9:45 to see Laura. It was raining this morning, so we played inside in the music room. We played the piano & Igor put some Russian cartoons in the VCR.
Later three caregivers came in and were rehearsing for a puppet show. It had animal puppets and music, so they turned off the TV and we moved back to the other end of the room. We watched them for a little bit while we played with Laura.
After 1:30, it was lunchtime, so we left shortly thereafter.
This afternoon we will go to a concert staged by orphanage children.
Igor didnít know what time & he canít call us, since we don't have phone service.
Sarah & Jim had sausage for lunch & then went to the Internet cafť. Pens won 3-2 in OT on a goal by Kaspar!
Bring on the Devils! Game 1 is Saturday night in NJ. Read /sent emails, George hits. Sarah got email from Mr Rice, & checked Lufthansa-Suze's flight is on today!

Igor & Tatyana picked us up at 2:30pmfor the orphanage children's concert. We picked up Don & Sheila & went to the concert hall. The theater, which was very nice, was reserved, since the Soviet times for children's performances. We sat in the second row! Had I known that in advance I would have brought the camera. (Luckily Sheila had hers and she'll send us her extra copies)
The Almaty orphans & "boarding school" residents gave the concert. I would say the youngest was 5 & the oldest was mid-late teens.
The performance began at 3:15 and ended just before 5pm, when speeches & gifts were handed out.
Tatyana made a speech & presented Gulders gift...four boom boxes to four different orphanages.
Gulder was told in advance what to bring.
The performances were fantastic with the kids in Kazak & Russian costumes singing, dancing, playing instruments etc.
At least 4 different TV stations had cameras there (we saw K7Ks report later) back at the apt at 6 pm.
Olga brought dinner (pastry with meat in it) & we'll be heading to the airport at 10:30pm.
Still no phone service!

She's here! Finally!
Igor & Don picked us up just after 10:30pm to go to the airport for Suze. We waited in the corner of the parking lot where everyone waits.
As Don said, all the Kazaks will be coming out first. He said the Americans are usually last. At about 11:45pm, we saw Suze. Sarah held up a sign that said "Lauraís Mom" & I showed Suze a sign that said "Kaspar scores in OT. Bring on NJ" Suze was not able to find out the score in Germany.
Back at the apartment se unpacked & we talked a while.
Don said the phone should be fixed today.
Suze will finally meet Laura this morning!

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